It is mainly used for the large transfusion, small injection as well as solution, sterilization and preparation etc.

2、规格有0.05m3 -5.0m3不同容积供选择,还可以根据用户实际工艺需要进行设计、加工。

1. The series of equipment have the functions of heating, cooling, heat
preservation and mixing preparation. The vessel carries out design
and processing according to "Technical condition for steel made
pressure vessel".
2. The specifications for selection are 0.05m3-5.0m3 different volumes.
It can also carry out the design and processing according to the actual technology requirements of customers.   
3. Adopt interlayer structure, with the advantages such as large heating
area and small welding etc.
4. The shaft seal adopts sanitary level hard alloy and silicon carbide
204 balancing mechanical seal, which is anti-abrasion and anti-press. The rotation speed is 60-82 r/m, and the speed can also be regulated by frequency converter.   
5. The interface adopts internationally general-use standard ISO
standard rapid installationchuck type, and the material is imported 316L or 304. The mirror polishing of internal surface Ra≤0.28μm, and the external surface adopts semi-luster polishing or mirror polishing treatment.     
6. The liquid meters for selection are glass tube liquid meter, static
pressure sensor type liquid meter and supersonic wave liquid meter.
7. The structure forms are divided into upward and downward round
sealing head or downward reverse convex bottom upward round
sealing head structure, which can guarantee no residual of liquid
8.  The jacket structure forms for selection are divided into standard
jacket, external coiled tube jacket, and honeycombed jacket. The structure is the combination of upward and downward round sealing head and standard layer jacket. It has large jacket space and large heating area, which can reduce the welding seam. The internal bladder is neat, which can guarantee that the material will not be hung on the wall. It has advantages such as beautiful appearance, simple structure and durability. The disadvantage is that it is too high.
Additionally, if changing the reducer as horizontal worm gear reducer,
the height can be reduced for about 250-330mm.